From the Headwaters at Crater Lake to its outlet At the Umpqua Lighthouse on the Pacific Ocean, the mighty Umpqua River is bathed in history. To this serene, gently flowing place at Scottsburg is where the Ocean-going schooners would sail to unload freight and passengers headed for the interior valleys and gold fields of southern Oregon.

Near Scottsburg today.

Modern day river dredging.
Scottsburg is considered an Oregon Ghost Town. While the residents there are very much alive, Scottsburg is "alive" with ghostly history, historical buildings and a beautiful, old historic cemetary set amid the Oregon Pines. Click here to visit the Scottsburg Historical Cemetery. Be sure to come back to visit us here at Woodpecker's Nest!
Woodpecker's Nest & Scottsburg, Oregon are just 20 miles upriver from the famous Oregon Coast Dune Country. Click on the photo to the right to visit the history of the exciting Oregon Dune Mushers Mail Run as told by some of the mushers.
Don't forget to come back to visit us here at Woodpecker's Nest!
The Historic Umpqua River Lighthouse was built between 1891 & 1894. Part of the Umpqua River State Park in Douglas County, Oregon, and just above Winchester Bay, the lighthouse history is fraught with Indian raids, bad weather knocking down the original structure and drowning tragedy. Fully restored, there are guided tours during the summer months.

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